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Festool is offering a limited amount of reconditioned tools for sale to the public. This program will continue for a limited but as yet undetermined time. All tools are inspected, tested, and repaired (if necessary) by the Festool Service Department. They are in good working condition, but may have some scuffs or signs of use. It could happen that, even after thorough cleaning, some dust remains in the tool and falls out during transportation. Dust in the Systainer does not mean that the tool wasn't thoroughly inspected.

All sales of reconditioned tools are final. Festool does guarantee, however, that the tools will be delivered complete and in good working order. Festool’s standard warranty will apply to these tools for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

These tools are offered at three discount levels, relative to current retail price, based on condition of the tools and packaging. The discount levels are as follows:
  • 10% Discount Level – Unused tools. Original packaging with slight impairment (minor scuffs, some dirt/dust).
  • 20% Discount level – Slightly used tools. Original packaging with slight impairment (damaged, label residue, and dirt/dust).
  • 30% Discount level – Moderately used tools. Original packaging damaged (tears, spots, and dirt/dust).