Shaper SW1-AA Workstation


Buy Workstation together with Origin and save $50

Workstation is the ultimate workspace and fixturing solution for your benchtop cutting operations. It’s designed to streamline and expand upon Origin’s abilities, offering rapid, repeatable and precise fixturing of a wide range of stock configurations.

Workstation features a reusable tape field, easily adjustable shelf for small or difficult-to-fixture workpieces, and intuitive indexing pins for alignment and registration. This greatly reduces setup time and makes it easier than ever to get cutting straight out of the box.



BODY: The core of Workstation with durable ShaperTape pre-applied & multiple ways to secure your bench.


CLAMPING FACE: A versatile clamping platform that is factory calibrated to guarantee precision alignment every time.


SUPPORT BAR: An adjustable support for the front edge of Origin, designed to keep your cuts flat and precise.


SUPPORT ARMS: Easy to install arms that hold the Support Bar in line with the body.


SHELF: A height adjustable surface for fixturing small or difficult-to-hold work pieces of almost any thickness.


ANGLE FENCE: An adjustable angle guide with a built-in scale makes it easy to set up and cut angled tenons between 0 & 45 degrees.


4MM WRENCH: T-Handle Hex Wrench for every commonly used screw on the Workstation.


HOLD DOWN CLAMPS: T-Track Clamps for versatile and secure fixturing.


SPOILBOARDS: Sacrificial MDF used to minimize tear out when cutting.



  • Max. Height: 250mm (9.8")
  • Depth: 465mm (18.3")
  • Width: 515mm (20.3")
  • Assembled Weight: 9.75kg (21.5 lbs)