Festool 203170 Domino Connector Set KV-SYS D8



For use with Domino DF 500 Joiner to create flat or corner joints. Requires 8mm cutter.

Thanks to the new DOMINO connectors’ high tolerance compensation and high stability, the detachable system enables seamless assembly and disassembly of a piece of furniture, in the workshop as well as the jobsite. The connectors’ large tightening distance and long blots make furniture assembly significantly easier. Casework assembly is therefore no problem, and you can do it easily on your own. 

Fast - Quick and simple machining processes with the Domino Joiner provide the basis for rapid assembly of at and corner joints utilizing Domino fasteners for knock-down design. Allowing for rapid building, moving, and reassembling of large pieces.

Stable - Based on the Domino mortise-and-tenon principle, joints made with the Domino joiner benefit from the design of the oblong mortise and mating tenon and the knockdown metal fastener is robust with high connection strength.

Flexible - Connect frames, panels, tops, and other large joints and pieces and easily disconnect and reconstruct as needed.


  • The flush-screwed fixture elements protect each furniture component from being scratched
  • Routing and cutting tolerances of up to 1.4 mm are compensated for without problems by the fixture
  • The new detachable DOMINO basic structure connectors and furniture connectors are perfectly suited for a panel thickness of 18 mm to 28 mm (3/4" to 1-1/8")



  • 70x Domino/Domino KV D8 basic structure connector
  • 20x Domino/LR32 KV-LR32 D8 basic structure connector
  • 10x Domino/Domino MSV D8 center panel connector
  • 10x Domino/LR32 MSV-LR32 D8 center panel connector
  • 50x Dark brown cover caps, KV-AK D15 brn
  • 50x Silver cover caps, KV-AK D15 slr
  • 50x White cover caps, KV-AK D15 wht
  • 50x Grey cover caps, KV-AK D15 gr
  • 20x Domino D 8 x 36 mm
  • 1x BS-KV D15 drill template
  • 1x KVB-HW D15 CE hinge location cutter
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • SYS 1 TL