Festool 580062 VAC SYS SE 2 Clamping Module


For use with VAC SYS SE 1 Module & Vacuum Pump.

This item includes: SE 2 Secondary Clamping Module / Oblong Vacuum Cup. Ships in SYS4 Classic.

Save when buying as part of VAC SYS System or VAS SYS System SET.


Work more efficiently with the new VAC SYS System. With proven vacuum-based suction clamping, the VAC SYS provides a highly effective and ergonomic work platform for nearly any project. Effectively clamp material or a workpiece for effortless machining and finishing while protecting delicate surfaces from clamp damage. Each Clamping Module is equipped with a suction base that adheres to non-porous surfaces with a quick release valve, and can adapt to many surface sizes based on interchangeable Vacuum Pods (available separately).


The future of clamping.

  • Workpieces can be turned 360° and swivelled up to 90°
  • Sensitive surfaces can be clamped without marring
  • For mobile use – pump and clamping units are compact and portable
  • Fast changing of workpiece clamping
  • 4 different vacuum pod sizes available, can be changed without tools
  • Simple ventilation of the vacuum pod using the foot valve
  • Work ergonomically on your workpieces
  • For use with milling, sanding, planing, sawing, smoothing, filling, and painting


Specifications: Clamping Modules

Vacuum Cup

Dimensions (in mm)

Holding Force 90° (Vertical) Holding Force 0° (Horizontal) Maximum Dimensions Maximum Weight
Round* D215 121.2 lbs (55 kg) 198.4 lbs (90 kg) 39-5/16"X39-5/16" (1.0X1.0 m) 66.1 lbs (30 kg)
Oblong 275X100 77.1 lbs (35 kg) 116.8 lbs (53 kg) 47-1/4"X15-11/16" (1.2X0.4 m) 44.0 lbs (20 kg)
Small* 200X60 48.5 lbs (22 kg) 66.1 lbs (30 kg) 31-1/2"X7-15/16" (0.8X0.2 m) 22.0 lbs (10 kg)
Narrow* 277X32 46.2 lbs (21kg) 59.5 lbs (27 kg) 47-1/4"X3-5/16" (1.2X0.08 m) 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
* Not included with this item, available separately